Housing Services

Do You Qualify

“When I found out I was accepted to the Habitat Partner Family program, I knew my future, and my kids’ future, was changing. I want to show my kids that if you work hard, you can achieve any goal.” – Shymora Cooper, Burnet Commons III Homeowner

To qualify for the program, future homeowners must:

  • Have lived or worked in Charlottesville, Albemarle, Buckingham, Louisa or Greene for at least the past 12 months
  • Meet income requirements

In addition to these criteria, future homeowners are selected on the basis of three primary factors:

Housing Need

Applicants must have a housing need such as:

  • Insufficient housing: family living with relatives/friends, in shelter, other temporary living situations, homelessness.
  • Problems with your current building: such as rotting wood, water damage, missing floorboards, unsafe/missing handrails, inadequate heating, electricity, plumbing, insufficient fire exits, hazardous or toxic materials, etc.
  • Issue with landlord: inadequate landlord maintenance
  • Safety issues: unsafe neighborhood
  • Overcrowding: more than 3 family members in a bedroom, insufficient bedrooms.
  • High rent: 30% or more of family gross income spent on housing

Willingness to Partner with Habitat

Applicants must show a willingness to work with Habitat in a true partnership: 

  • Applicants must complete sweat equity hours (average of 200-500 hours) on the construction of their own or other Habitat homes. For those with disabilities or others unable to work at a job site there are other volunteer opportunities available to fulfill this requirement.
  • Attendance at recommended homeownership classes, community conversations, and meetings.
  • Disclosure of personal financial situation, including employment history, household income, and current debt burden
  • Participation in a home owner association, where applicable

Ability to Pay

Applicants must demonstrate the ability to pay the monthly mortgage payment:

  • Documented verifiable income
  • Stable employment or income
  • Reasonable credit history or willingness to work with Habitat to improve credit and develop a reasonable repayment plan for outstanding debts
  • Demonstrated ability to repay a 15 – 30 year loan