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Charlottesville Affordable Housing Action Items

July/August 2019 

On June 12, the US Habitat network will officially launch its first ever domestic advocacy campaign, The Cost of Home. The five year goal of Cost of Home is 10 million people with increased home affordability (out of 19 million people currently paying more than 50% of their income on housing), including substantial increases in low-income homeownership opportunities, through policy and system changes at the local, state and national levels. The four subthemes of the campaign are:

•    Increasing supply and preservation of affordable homes
•    Equitably Increasing Access to Credit
•    Optimizing Land Use for Affordable Housing
•    Ensuring Access to and Development of Communities of Opportunity

Our local strategic plan envisions us building, creating or catalyzing thousands of housing interventions over the next decade to meet the local need. Following up on the momentum of June 12th, we will be working together with our partners at CHAAHC to develop a comprehensive policy and solutions platform. 

For this month, HFHGC’s Advocacy in support of our vision of a Greater Charlottesville where everyone has access to a decent place to live and in support of Cost of Home focuses on Southwood:

Communities of Opportunity:

1.    Southwood Rezoning

a.    Background: Habitat is in the middle of an unprecedented, resident-led redevelopment process at the Southwood Mobile Home Park. Since 2007, we’ve been working with residents to bolster community capacity to be equal partners at the table. In January, Habitat and the residents submitted an updated rezoning application for phase I of the project. The rezoning proposal is on the July 23rd Planning Commission Agenda. 

b.    Habitat’s Position: Habitat has been awed by the great work of the residents to define their own future. We are also grateful to the County for being partners in the work. The proposed plan is a product of unprecedented resident engagement, is consistent with the County Comprehensive Plan, will bring needed vitality to the Southern edge of the growth area, will scale back intensity and density as it approaches Biscuit Run Park and will create an attractive, mixed-income, mixed use designation that will bring people together from all walks of life. 

c.    Action Needed: Please contact the Albemarle Board of Supervisors and Planning Commissions at and  Thank them for providing the resources to allow Habitat to work side by side with Southwood residents to plan their own future. This one of a kind project will be a national model for how to do redevelopment equitably and sustainably. The plan is consistent with the County’s Comprehensive plan, increasing the stock of affordable housing, creating a neighborhood center exactly where the comp plan calls for one, providing a mixture of housing for people of all incomes and creating a gateway into the new Biscuit Run Park. Ask them to vote yes to the Southwood rezoning application when it comes forward.  

Also, please be prepared to show up at and bring friends to the following PC/BOS meetings at the County Office Building on McIntire Street to stand up and show your support for the rezoning.
Planning Commission Public Hearing and Vote: July 23rd, 6pm
Board of Supervisors Public Hearing and Vote: August 21st. Time TBA

Please email Garrett Trent at if you would like more specific information about the hearings.

This page will be updated on a monthly basis with new action items for people looking to advocate for affordable housing solutions in the greater Charlottesville area.

Last update: 7/26/19