What We Do

Current Projects

Lochlyn Hill

In the January of 2018, we began building eight units in the new Lochlyn Hill development.  Working with Milestone Partners LLC., we will build a six-plex and duplex providing spacious three and four bedroom homes. 

10th Street North West

The home on 10th Street was purchased as part of the Neighborhood Revitalization program. The original main home was build in 1901; there were two additions and a number of upgrades made before we bought it. We will be replacing the windows, repairing the roof, and completing a number of interior renovations. It will ultimately be a nicely upgraded two bedroom, two bath home. This project is expected to be finished in Fall 2018.

Harmony Ridge

Harmony Ridge will be a mixed income development built by Habitat.  Here we will build 5 duplexes: four 2-bedroom homes, four 3-bedroom homes and two 4 bedroom homes. The remaining lots will be sold to private builders to complete the 14 unit project.  Expected to begin in early 2018, we hope to have volunteers working here in the spring. 


We will be building 4 homes on Nassau Street in the Belmont Neighborhood of Charlottesville.  Here we will build 4 separate duplex homes in an existing Charlottesville neighborhood.  This project will provide a mix of 3 and 4 bedroom homes and is expected to start in late spring 2018.

Cool Spring Road

This home is a three bedroom, one and a half bathroom townhome in the Townwood subdivision located in the Albemarle County urban ring. It is roughly a 1300 square foot home built in 1984 and was purchased as part of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program.