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Planned Giving Donor Spotlight: Tom and Julie Estes

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Read more about Tom and Julie Estes' planned giving commitment to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville, in Tom's own words: 

When Julie and I were younger, we undertook a major project—at my retired parents’ suggestion, we set about to build a house on a lot we had purchased a few years before. The parents came up from Texas to lend their hands and expertise! My father had years of experience in construction, and we were able to take a summer off from teaching duties. We had managed to save a bit in looking forward, and in three months we were under roof, with my parents to thank for it. They gave us the “leg up” that made it all possible. And to be sure, our parents had long ago taught us the arts of money management and housekeeping. Without that, we could not have “afforded” such a project or have had the skills that go with home ownership.

We know, however, that not all folks were born into the circumstances we took advantage of. For many of these people, we also know Habitat for Humanity is the lifeline that can provide a “leg up” similar in effect to what we took advantage of. It was that fact that led us to include Habitat in our wills and estate planning. To be sure, there was yet another big lesson our parents taught us— ‘If you want good neighbors, be a good neighbor.’ It would not be an exaggeration to suggest that our bequest to Habitat is simply part of our effort to be the kind of neighbor we want to have. One more note to add to our story: Several years ago, we got an offer on the house that I mentioned earlier. We took the offer and, consequently, “downsized” into a wonderful neighborhood of several hundred homes of remarkable quality and style. In this neighborhood it so happens there are four Habitat houses! If our gift to Habitat leads to anything similar for others, the story will not end with our passing, and we will have played at least a small part in leaving behind a little better neighborhood somewhere, to be determined and enjoyed by those who come behind us.

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