While our main office is closed to the public in light of Covid-19, we are still working to create safe, affordable homeownership opportunities in Greater Charlottesville. 
You can learn more about Habitat's interim work during Covid-19 here and visit the Store's website to find their adjusted hours and procedures here.



All Habitat Homeowners are entitled to a 15% discount on all Habitat Store merchandise (* any limitations described on the back of the card). The Habitat Store sells new and used building supplies, furniture, and home decor at discount prices and all proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville.  This discount card will not expire, but will require an ID or proof of residency!  Contact a member of the DFCP team by calling the main office or emailing familyservices@cvillehabitat.org if you've misplaced or never received your permanent discount card.



Homeowner Support Line - In the event that you have a question that is not covered by warranty (or if you are looking for support about purchases, repairs, finding a quote, etc.) there is an “on call” support line available to all Habitat Homeowners Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. To utilize this line, you call our main office, 434-293-9066, and ask for the “homeowner support line” or “HSL.” At this point you will be redirected to a construction staff member that has been placed on call that day to answer questions remotely.

Home Builders Warranty - The work that HFHCG staff and volunteers perform on the home is under a one year warranty. Details on the limitations of this warranty can be found in the warranty contract signed at closing. You can make a warranty claim at any time during the first year by calling 434-233-4424 or emailing warranty@cvillehabitat.org and leaving a message with your name, address, and concern. The post-closing support team will respond within 48 business hours with next steps.  **different rules apply for Habitat Rehabilitated homes; see your contract for more information.

Subcontractor Warranty - Local subcontractors who have been hired by Habitat for large system installations (HVAC, plumbing, etc) will also be expected to warranty their labor for one full year. You'll find a direct number for their business on your warranty magnet as well as in your Homeowner Maintenance Manual.     

Manufacturer Warranty -  Although labor (whether through Habitat or subcontractors) is only covered for one year, many parts of systems, pieces of appliances, or even materials will be covered significantly longer (between 5-10 years). If you hire a technician for repairs, be sure to go through the manufacturer to see if parts or materials are under warranty to save money.

Home Warranty - Once outside of the limited warranty for labor and/or parts, third party warranties are available to purchase on the market. If large, out of pocket repairs concern you, purchasing a warranty plan can be a great way to limit surprises in costs. The Habitat Staff would be happy to direct you to options available for purchase.



Real Estate Tax Relief

  • Charlottesville Housing Affordability Program (CHAP) - Charlottesville City Council offers tax relief grants to homeowners. If your home is valued at  $375,000 or less or your household income is $55,000 or less, you may qualify for a grant. 

        See HERE for more information about CHAP.

        The deadline to apply is September 1. Click HERE to download an application.

        See HERE for more information on property tax assistance in Charlottesville.       



  • Virginia529 Plan - 529 plans help individuals and families save money for higher education at a college or university.

       See HERE for more information on Virginia's program.

       Click HERE to begin a Virginia529 account of your own.


Stay connected with staff and other homeowners by joining our Homeowner Facebook Group! It's a space for Habitat homeowners only.